You must be a store owner or retailer and / or have a valid tax id number to place an order.

Minimum Orders:
The minimum order is $65.00

Terms are net 30
Credit Cards
For your convenience we now accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.

How orders may be placed:
By fax: 866-359-0985 toll free
By phone: 888-926-1230 toll free
By email: Orders sent by fax are considered the original - Please be sure that faxed orders are clear and legible.
By Downloadable PDF Order Form

New Account Information:
To start your new account simply place an order.
New orders will be held by these items: Completing and returning the credit application. Be sure that those listed as business references will be timely in their reply as this affects the time in approving your account.
The processing time of your first order will vary. This will ultimately depend on the references reply, but generally around 12 business days from the initial receipt of the order.
To speed things up you may send a cashier’s check, money order or pay with a credit card until an open account is established.

Freight Information:
Your order will be shipping from Shelbyville, Tennessee.
See chart for approximate transit time and pre-paid freight requirements.
If the order does not meet the freight program then the freight charges will appear on the invoice.
You may specify a carrier if the order meets the pre-paid freight program. You may specify the routing at the time you place your order.
Additional charges may apply to residential area deliveries and special freight options ie.; notify consignee, lift gate, or limited access.
Shipments weighing more than 250 lbs must be shipped LTL.
DesignWay Products reserves the right to choose the carrier for shipments in which no carrier is specified and for those that do not qualify for pre-paid freight.

Export Papers:
There is an export paper charge of $25.00 per set of documents. Please provide your customs broker when you place the order.

Special Packing:
Generally any order can be specially packed.
Special pack configurations are reviewed on a need basis and there will be additional charges. Please call 888-926-1230 for additional information.

Order Change Information:
Orders may be changed or corrected depending on where the order is in the production process. Corrections, changes or cancellations may be an option. However, if an order is custom, too far along or has shipped, additional charges will apply.

Invoice Issues:
In order to resolve any invoice issues, please call, fax or write us immediately with any invoice issues.
There is a time frame to resolve an invoice issue. Generally reports of issues should be within 10 days of receipt of the order.

Custom Work:
DesignWay Products is proud to offer to our customers a customized service opportunity for their needs. The following addresses most frequently asked questions concerning custom issues.
There are various price and quantity issues that will be addressed on a project by project basis. The foremost question is :
Q: What is custom work or custom product?
A: Any product that is not our standard stock style.

Q: How do I use my artwork for a custom imprint?
A: Providing camera ready art obtains the best results.
Q: What does camera ready art mean?
A: Camera ready artwork is quite crisp and clear.
Q: What type of output is acceptable as camera ready?
A: Laser printed with at least 600 dpi resolution on a good / excellent quality white paper.
Q: Are photocopies and faxes acceptable as camera ready art?
A: No, these types will require digital “cleaning” for which there is a charge.
Q: What is the rate to clean art?
A: Generally there will be an estimate made. Work will not exceed the estimate. The rate is $40.00 per hour. Once you receive an estimate you must sign and fax or mail your consent before any work can be done. We cannot begin any work without your approval.
Q: May I send my artwork on a disk or by e-mail?
A: Yes, please format the file as an eps file. However, we can also accept jpeg or tiff.

Production Time on Custom Work:
Q: What is the general production time for custom work?
A: This will vary per the specific product.
Q: When will production begin?
A: This is a multiple part answer.
Providing the customer is in good credit standing
Art has been provided or developed
Purchase order with complete specifications has been received and accepted
Final product is understood and all details are made quite clear
Production will begin once the art has been developed into the desired format.

Exact Quantities on Custom Work:
Q: Will my order be an exact quantity:
A: This is the ultimate goal, however, DesignWay is a printing operation. Because of this all non-stock items are subject to a 10% over / under production run.
Q: What can be done to assure a must have amount?
A: Make certain that your order is written is such a way to indicate the minimum acceptable amount.
Returns are subject to a 10% restocking fee.

Legal Stuff:
DesignWay Products is a division of Musgrave Pencil Co., Inc . and reserves the right to:
Change discounts and prices without notice.
Make improvements or necessary changes in products without incurring an obligation on goods previously sold.
DesignWay Products issues catalogs and price lists for their distributors and dealers only. Possession of such literature does not constitute an offer to extend sales on merchandise.